About me

I'm Peter Leinonen, a computer programmer living in Gothenburg, Sweden. My passions in life are programming, music and nature.

Software development

I have been programming professionally since 2008.

My primary language is Javascript. I like frontend programming, but I have been using NodeJS for backend stuff for some years now, and I really love it :)

You can find some of my stuff on my github page.

Lately I have been experimenting with Elixir and the Erlang platform, which I find interesting and fresh! You can expect some future blog posts to be Elixir related.

I have also worked a lot with enterprise Java stuff, but the boilerplate of the language has made quite sick of it. I want simple and fast software that is easy to reason about. Javascript and NodeJS in particular changed that, and made programming fun again.


I love spending time in nature, far away from society. I enjoy long hikes in the forest. The stillness is good for you. It gives you inner power and is a good source for new ideas.


Music is another big passion of mine. I especially enjoy progressive (psy) trance and relaxing chillout and ambient.