About me

I am Peter Leinonen. I live in Gothenburg, Sweden. My passions in life are programming, music and nature.

I am a Consultant

  • I find solutions to difficult or complex issues
  • I provide expert advice professionally
  • I am an enthusiastic and skillful computer programmer
  • I create things through a seemingly magical process

I do Software Development

I have been programming professionally since 2008. Started out with Enterprise Java stuff, but never really liked it.

My primary language is Javascript. Currently working with React, Redux etc.. But I have been using NodeJS for for some years now, building REST and websocket API's etc.

In my spare time I am experimenting with Elixir and the Erlang platform, which I find very interesting!


I love spending time in nature. I enjoy long hikes in the forest. The stillness is good for you. It gives you inner power and is a good source for new ideas.