Hello there! I'm Peter, a seasoned software developer who thrives on transforming ideas into functional realities. By day, I craft intricate lines of code, bringing innovation to life. However, my journey extends beyond the digital realm.

Passionate about breaking free from the confines of screens, I delve into the world of tangible creation during my downtime. Building scale models has become my artistic escape, providing a refreshing balance to the virtual landscapes I navigate professionally.

While computers and programming have long been my playground, I've discovered the undeniable importance of diversifying my interests. Eight hours a day immersed in the digital cosmos made me crave something different, something more hands-on.

Unlocking my creative potential, I've always found solace in the physical act of building, dismantling, and tinkering. Embracing the beauty of manual craftsmanship, I thrive on the satisfaction of transforming raw materials into something tangible. My hands are not just skilled in coding; they're adept at sculpting ideas into reality.

In a world dominated by bits and bytes, I've found my equilibrium by embracing the tactile joy of creating. My resume isn't just a list of skills; it's a testament to my ability to bridge the digital and physical realms, weaving a narrative of innovation and hands-on craftsmanship.