CV9040A scratch build

CV9040A completed
CV9040A completed

After a considerable hiatus, I've finally resurfaced to share some fresh content with you. Brace yourselves for a dose of the latest updates!

3D Printing

In my quest for creative empowerment, I took the plunge into the world of 3D printing. The object of my fascination? A cutting-edge Creality Ender 3 S1 Pro, a technological marvel that promised to transform my ideas into tangible reality. As the printer whirred to life, I marveled at its capabilities, realizing that this sleek contraption wasn't just a machine; it was a gateway to innovation. Suffice it to say, I've unleashed a new realm of possibilities, and my excitement knows no bounds!

Fusion 360

Immersing myself in the world of design, I dedicated considerable hours to mastering Fusion 360, sculpting a digital masterpiece from a series of 2D sketches generously provided by the Swedish Armour Historical Society.

The challenge? Crafting a detailed replica of the formidable CV90 tank that transcended the confines of imagination. Iterating through multiple versions of individual components, each brought to life through the magic of my Creality Ender 3 S1 Pro, I pursued perfection with an unwavering determination.

While my completed model may not boast 100% accuracy, it stands as a testament to the fusion of art and engineering, cleverly navigating shortcuts to simplify the modeling process without compromising the essence of the CV90 tank's awe-inspiring presence.

Plastic model
Plastic model

Opting for a 1/16 scale, I initially envisioned a remote-controlled marvel. However, as the project unfolded, I found myself veering away from the realm of RC enthusiasm. Call it a change of heart or a divergence in interests, but the decision to forego remote control was made, allowing the tank to stand as a static testament to my dedication and craftsmanship.

Finish and paintjob

The plastic slabs demanded a meticulous touch, undergoing a transformation with the artistry of Tamiya epoxy putty and the finesse of various grit sanding sticks. This delicate dance of refinement set the stage for a canvas ready to absorb the essence of my craftsmanship.

A coat of Tamiya Fine Surface Primer became the primer symphony, harmonizing with the plastic foundation. The subsequent strokes, courtesy of Vallejo colors, unfolded a palette of hues, each layer adding depth and character.

Ah, the splinter camouflage pattern – a laborious ballet of precision. As I navigated the intricate choreography of this intricate design, I found satisfaction in the finished dance, an artistic testament to patience and dedication.

Splinter cammo masking
Splinter cammo masking

Considering that this is my first 100% from scratch 3D printed project, I am satisfied with the result. I have learned a lot and will inspire me to do more creations in the future.

With this project as my compass, I embark on a path of continuous exploration and the boundless potential of what I can manifest in the world of 3D printing.