Argonauts T-800 Endoskeleton Part 1

I found this rare kit on Ebay. It was not cheap, considering it is a kit and not a finished model. It was made back in 1991 by a Japanese company called ArgoNauts. The kit consists of vinyl/resin and diecast metal parts.

There is not much information about this kit online, but here are some resources I have found that covers building this kit.

Kit overview

The instruction manual is in Japanese, but the pictures are nice and easy to understand how everything fits together.

There is a lot of flash / excess material you have to remove from the parts, that come from the casting process.

The metal parts are very brittle, and cracks easily. I broke several parts during construction/handling that had to be reparied with epoxy glue. A future enhancement would be to re-create these parts in a harder material.

I sorted the parts into groups and placed them into plastic bags, so no part would get lost.

unassembled kit

Some resin parts was warped due to heat (and time). I needed to heat them in warm water and try bending them back into their original shape.

The hands and feet is made of metal, and very fragile. I used epoxy glue to put them together to create a very strong bond.

I made a little "jig" to hold the parts for the feet while gluing.