3D Printed T-800 Skull


Found this kit on Etsy, already printed for me. It is printed in ABS and is very strong and solid. Some parts had already been cleaned up a bit with putty. All I need to do is paint it and install LEDs for the eyes.

I had to do some sanding trying to get rid of the worst layer lines.

Primed it using spraycans and painted it silver using some hobby paint I had lying around.

new leds

I messed up the LED's that came with the kit, so I had to use smaller ones for a while, until I had ordered new ones with the right size.

The result is pretty good, but I should have used putty to smoothen out the layer lines for a much better result. I also should have used a gloss black primer and a better silver/chrome paint.

I will probably repaint it in the future when my skills have improved.