3D Printed T-800 Endoskeleton Part 10

In this last part show you how I built the base for my T-800.

Building the base

I used XPS foam to construct the base. I wanted the base to look like part of a broken building, destroyed by Skynet's nuclear strike.

The foam sits on top of to round wood boards to make the base sturdy. I put a wooden rod into the wooden base to hold the T-800, because I did not want to glue the joints of the T-800 as I might want to change the pose in the future. The rod was secured with an L-bracket and screws, but since I made the hole with a bigger drill, I had to fill it with Milliput, to make it really sturdy.

The XPS foam is a bit messy to work with, so having the vaccuum cleaner close by is a very good idea.


I used toilet paper mixed with plaster to give it a texture of concrete. When dried, I repeated the process until I was satisfied. The plaster mixture is very messy to work with, you have to be careful not to make a mess on your workspace.

The next day when the plaster had dried, I coated everyting with a black craft paint. Then I added several layers of shades of grey, from darker to lighter to give it that stone/rock look.

The result looks quite good. Check out the final result.