Sazabi build, Part 2

I spent quite some time removing nub marks and sand the pieces to make them look good before priming.

I also got a proper scribing tool, and added some custom panel lines to the feet. I also enhanced some existing panel lines to give them more depth. Huge improvement from my previous scribing attempts.

In order to paint the Sazabi I need to prime it first. I have used acrylic primers before but they seem to peel off and scratch easily. I decided to use Taiya grey primer in rattlecan to get good adherence to the plastic.

So I took Sazabi apart and primed the armour, as I wanted to focus on the armour first, when happy with the result paint the underlying structures later.

This might have been a poor decision, but sometimes you learn the hard way.

Priming complete
Priming complete

Anyways, the result is good. Now I have a good foundation for painting with airbrush.