Exia MG build, Part 2

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It's time for painting..

I took the Exia apart and cleaned all parts with soapy water. I used my airbrush to blow off excess water. Then I let the parts dry over night.

I recently bought a bunch of painting clips and stands, so I can paint many parts at once. Wow this is a huge time saver!

painting clips and stands

I primed the frame parts with black primer, and went over it with Steel color from vallejo and sealed with clear varnish.

steel colored frame

The white armour got a coat of white acrylic primer from MIG. This primer adheres well to plastic, but also to my airbrush and cleaning the airbrush was so painful. I guess I needed the proper airbrush cleaner from MIG, but I did not have it at the time.

I painted the feet and chest armour with antracite grey from vallejo.

i painted the yellow parts with orange.

My plan is to go over the white parts with brown khaki color, as I want to give it a desert/military color scheme.