Sazabi build, Part 5

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I have not worked on the Sazabi for a long time now. Today I paint the "funnels".

A Funnel is essentially a funnel-shaped drone unit that are designed to be remotely controlled by a Newtype pilot. It is equipped with a small beam cannon, and an energy cell to propel the funnel when it is operating. A Newtype pilot is able to control these funnels with great precision, allowing him/her to remotely attack an enemy from all directions, making a funnel-equipped mobile suit extremely deadly. When the funnels are not in use, they are attached to the mother suit's surface hardpoints for recharging. All Zeon funnel equipped units have the ability to recharge funnels but the Earth Federation Forces is very slow in adopting the technology.

I went for antracite grey and light grey, with some dry brushed steel and a touch of red.

Since they will be attached to the backpack I did not bother to paint the back side.

Hopefully I can finish the Sazabi before the end of this year :)