Geara Doga Part 2

I want to try some new things this year. One of which is improving a gunpla kit with a resin conversion kit. It is basically a kit that contain replacement parts for your gunpla kit in resin, and has lots of details to make your kit look even better.

These kits are made by individuals and not big companies. And because of this the parts may or may not fit perfecly and might need some work to fit properly.

I found a resin conversion kit by Industrial Gear on ebay for my Geara Doga.


Working with resin parts is a little different from building standard plastic kits. First you need to clean the parts, because they are coated with release agent applied when the parts are casted in resin. If you do not clean the parts properly the paint will come off easily, especially when masking.

Also, resin dust is toxic, so you need to use a respirator, OR, you can do wet-sanding. I went for wet-sanding because this way there is no dust particles anywhere.

Standard modeling glue does not work, so you need to use cyanoacrylate or epoxy glue.

The kit


The parts have injection pins that you need to cut off and sand.


Some parts did not fit perfectly, it seems they have shrunk a bit. I will solve this problem by actually use the original part and try scribing the same design/patterns myself. I only had this problem for two parts, so it's not a big deal for me.

Also, there are no extra decals, so I might need to find some extra online. The Bandai kit has some decals, but I think this kit need some extra :)

The kit also comes with extra weapons and backpack that looks pretty cool (and heavy). I will build those when the armour parts are completed.


I am using standard dish soap, because it usually dissolves oily substances pretty well. I will do a test later where I will prime a part and see how well the paint adheres. I might need to use something stronger, not really sure yet.


Assembly / Test fit

Me checking that parts fit properly. I was quite amazed how well the parts fit compared with the original. peter checking

Legs and feet, looks very cool compared to the original. legs and feet

Chest and waist chest and waist

It's coming together coming together

Almost done, looking very cool :) done