Geara Doga Part 3


Time for some primer and part cleanup.


After priming I assembled the Geara Doga to see what it looks like with a more uniform color.

test assembly

When I applied primer there where some imperfections showing up more clearly, so I had to do some sanding and filling.

Sanding & Filling

I used wet sanding in order to not expose myself to toxic resin dust.





Because there where two parts that did not fit because of shrinkage I had to do the scribing of details myself.

Two parts is fine. Let's get to work.

First, i copy the pattern using a pencil.

copy pattern

Then I apply scribing tape (thicker tape) to guide the scriber, and start scribing.



When scribing was completed, I sanded the parts to get rid of sharp edges from the scribing process.

I am glad I only had to scribe two parts, because it's a lot of work :) The result is not perfect, but good enough. I am happy with the result.

Finally, I primed the freshly scribed parts: