Sazabi build, Part 7

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Since I did not do any pre-shading I deciced to shade the armour a bit to make it look less flat.


I also coated everything with satin top coat from vallejo.

Salt technique

I wanted to do more weathering. I found a cool technique that involves salt, that people seem to use on tanks and aircraft to make the surface less uniform in color.

Basically you use salt as a masking medium to create randomness when applying light and dark coats of paint.

I sprayed the parts with water and applied sea salt with differend grains all over, and let it dry for a few hours.


Then I painted a thin layer of white mixed with lots of thinner to create a lighter shade. Then I removed the salt using a hard brush. Repeated the process once more, but this time with a thin black coat mixed with thinner.

After removing the salt, you have a nice weathered look.

weathered look

There are still some salt remaining in some areas, but i think it looks pretty cool.

It is a messy process, I had salt all over my workspace and on the floor that needed some cleanup

Sazabi is completed

I am finally done. I have updated the final images in the gallery on the models page.

The only thing left is getting a LED kit. But that can be a future upgrade.